Stell’s engineers and scientists have assisted numerous federal and municipal clients in compliance with Phase I and II Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), construction general, multi-sector general (industrial activity) permits, pre-treatment permits, sanitary sewer overflow initiatives, and other National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements related to publicly owned treatment works. Our team’s specific experience includes outfall mapping and illicit discharge detection; MS4 storm water management plans and annual reports; pollution prevention studies and procedures for municipal operations; and storm water pollution prevention plans for industrial and construction activities.

Successful Projects: 

Landfill Sampling and Maintenance and Permitting, Fort Gordon, GA (U.S. Army)

Stell provided comprehensive environmental compliance and technical support to Fort Gordon for two landfills under Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, storm water sampling, and update of the base’s NPDES permit. Work was done in accordance with, and reviewed by, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD). We conducted methane sampling to analyze landfill gas from a solid waste Subtitle D landfill in accordance with the permit issued by Georgia; prepared required maps; and evaluated in-place system controls.

Our geologists prepared site suitability and design information for an annex area to be incorporated into a landfill closure permit and updated the Annual Post-Closure Care Cost Estimate. We conducted a hydrogeologic assessment and prepared geologic cross sections detailing the subsurface stratigraphy. Based on the hydrogeologic assessment, additional groundwater monitoring wells were installed associated at the annex to supplement the existing monitoring network for post-closure maintenance of the landfill.

Our staff modified the NPDES storm water industrial permit. We conducted storm water sampling from outfalls associated with selected 303(d) listed stream segments to ensure compliance with GA EPD Total Maximum Daily Load and storm water general permit requirements. Water quality samples were submitted for analysis by a GA EPD-certified laboratory.