Technology can provide increased innovation, driving an organization to better results and outcomes faster than ever before. We constantly assess and encourage the use of innovative services and technologies to improve our work products. Together with our excellent science and engineering skills, we apply these technologies to deliver a more effective and efficient result to our clients.

Successful Projects:

Cultural Resources Management, Fort Carson and Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, CO (U.S. Army)

Stell’s cultural resources staff are finding new ways to collect data and increase cost effectiveness through innovation and technology.  New additions to our archaeological toolkit include tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad Mini, and the external Bluetooth connected Trimble R1 Global Navigation Satellite System receiver.  Mobile data collection is completed offline and online with flexible cross-platform, cloud-based applications iForms and Trimble’s TerraFlex.  Unmanned aerial vehicle technology (drones) has been deployed to not only collect data, but collect in a safe manner to access and photograph rock art panels in rugged and perilous locations that would otherwise pose safety risks to personnel.