Stell helps develop healthy and sustainable ecosystems through habitat restoration actions that will restore ecosystems and improve resiliency and ecosystem ability to respond to disturbance by resisting damage and recovering quickly. The sustainable and lasting benefits are reduced risks from extreme weather events, changing environmental conditions, and climate change impacts. We support collaboration among multiple stakeholders throughout our projects and implement ecosystem-based restoration recommendations and site-specific strategies consistent with existing vulnerability or resiliency studies and comprehensive planning efforts.

Successful Projects:

State Route 611 Section 04S Scotrun/Swiftwater Corridor Improvement Project (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – PennDOT)

Our design of conservation approaches at Stell incorporates current regulatory requirements as well as thoughtful strategic planning for ecosystem resiliency. The design and creation of buffers on this project took into account stressors like climate change and habitat fragmentation as we assessed species migration and corridor connectivity, which adds resiliency to the conservation infrastructure.