Julie Erickson, PMP
President and Chief Executive Officer

“I am proud of the Stell team.  We have a great client-focused team that is passionate about our clients’ missions.  We are excited about finding the sweet spot between environmental sustainability, economic benefit, and the Internet of Things.  We live in a time when we have opportunities to change the way we live and how we leverage technology to positively impact the world.  I am very excited to be leading outstanding staff who take delight in our clients’ success with our multidiscipline approach to meeting their goals.”

Julie Erickson grew up on small farm is southeastern Ohio with two older brothers.  She served in the U.S. Navy as an Information Technician and simultaneously obtained her Master’s in Business Administration while living overseas. She is a passionate about developing the next generation of leaders while working to manage resources and enable the client’s mission.  When not working, you can find Julie training for some crazy long endurance race, hiking, going to art museums, reading, or planning her next epic travel adventure.

John Mieher, PG
National Accounts Manager

“I have worked in environmental and engineering consulting for almost 30 years; I still have most of my hair but it sure isn’t the same color. I paid my dues early in my career on the graveyard shifts of pump tests and drilling 250-foot wells in the middle of Arizona summers. I am both compassionate and competitive, typically struggling to find the right work-life balance. Along this path, I have figured out my strengths (and weaknesses) and believe the combination of my skills and experience is perfectly situated at Stell. Like Julie, I am excited to lead Stell’s growth and diversity, but almost above all, I am proud of the staff who define the culture and integrity that will make us a resilient firm.”

John grew up in Northern California supported by a father who was a quality inspector at a General Motors production plant and a mother who could not turn away a stray animal. He learned the value of doing things right the first time, getting his hands dirty, and love of mechanical things (mostly bicycles, having owned/built more than 30 so far). When not working, John can be found outdoors cycling (road and mountain), hiking, or yard sculpting (fancy term for yard work). He is also an avid car enthusiast, mostly for classic European roadsters.

Jennifer Griggs, PMP

“I am passionate about helping people succeed. I love to hear stories, share ideas, and lend a hand when needed. I am drawn to complex issues, especially related to finding balance between human desires environmental needs and regulatory requirements.  I believe everything works in cycles – problems lead to solutions, which lead to growth, then new challenges. By predicting these challenges and adapting to, or even directing new paradigms, we can strategically embrace change and thrive as a species.”

Jennifer has provided onshore and offshore environmental support to diverse clients including DoD, EPA, and other federal agencies, local and tribal governments, oil and gas pipelines, and railroads. She specializes in project management, environmental permitting, and stakeholder engagement. Jennifer is a certified Project Management Professional and graduate of the 100-hour NEPA program at Duke University. She earned a master’s degree in forest ecology and management and a bachelor’s degree in geography with a minor in environmental studies. She loves to travel, race and cruise sailboats, and spend time with her dog, Blue.

Mick James
Manager of Operations

“I am excited to support our team at Stell in achieving success, while being known as the company of choice to bring a fresh approach to environmental consulting.  As a newer member of the team, my vision is to provide straightforward operational support and free up talented experts to deliver a world class experience for our clients.”     

            Mick is from North Seattle and graduated from Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. He began his career as an officer in the Marine Corps; following active duty, he returned to the Seattle area where he worked for Starbucks Coffee and Vulcan Inc. He held a variety of roles at Starbucks, leading teams in field operations and at Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle. Mick’s advocacy for veterans led to a transition onto the Starbucks Global Social Impact Team, where he helped launch and spearhead many of the foundational pillars of the Starbucks Veterans Program. In his spare time, Mick enjoys time with his family, water and snow skiing, and playing music.

Michael Robertson

NEPA Specialist / Project Manager

“I was born in Freehold, New Jersey, in the same hospital as Bruce Springsteen, so it’s no wonder I have so many bosses to report to. My interest in the environmental field stems from growing up in rural southwestern Virginia and spending many hours as a child wandering about 30+ acres of land. Agriculture and forest lands were predominant but interspersed with residential communities typical of a small town.”

Michael obtained a bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences with a Minor in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Tech.  His first job involved data management and environmental program support to the Navy.  He quickly gained an appreciation for the nature and scope of the DoD mission and, by extension, the challenge of balancing military readiness with natural resources stewardship responsibilities held in public trust. His post-graduate studies focused on natural resources management and land use planning. He has since supported DoD entities in areas such as NEPA compliance, encroachment management, and air installation compatible use zone / range air installation compatible use zone study and outreach, natural resources conservation, operational range management, and climate adaptation and resiliency. Michael enjoys travelling to include meeting new people and trying different foods and libations, spending time at the family circus, and sports such as baseball (Yankees), basketball (76ers), football (Giants), and golf.

Danielle Gascoyne

“I’ve been enthusiastic about bringing my experience, work ethic, optimism, and outgoing personality to contribute to Stell’s vision of ‘improving the quality of life for all generations’.. My goal is to live a balanced life by positively impacting my coworkers, clients, family, friends, and the environment.  My love for the environment stems from growing up on a mountain in New Jersey (yes, New Jersey), being involved in anything outdoors, and my father’s 40+ years in the industry.”

Danielle has a bachelor’s degree in environmental health and has worked as an environmental scientist, project manager, and client manager for 12 years.  She has worked on projects ranging from remedial investigation to environmental compliance for industrial, local, state, and federal clients.  She is eager to continue to introduce Stell’s mission and capabilities throughout the Northeast region.   Outside of work, Danielle organizes a 9/11 memorial golf outing in honor of her uncle, which has raised money for numerous charities and scholarship programs.  Danielle is also a golfer, tennis player, sports fan, gardener, and a wine-loving mother of two amazing children.

Tim Gerrish
Archaeologist / Client Manager

” I’ve always believed that there is an essential connection between people and place. It wasn’t until I crossed the Cascade Mountains into Seattle that I realized the Pacific Northwest was my home. Similarly, when I joined the Stell team, I realized I had found a company where I belong. Stell operates under a culture of respect and takes pride in consistently delivering on every project. I am extremely proud to be part of the Stell community and excited to work with a team who approaches each challenge with a positive attitude.”

            Tim grew up in Los Altos, California. Thankful for his California roots and upbringing, he could not ignore an itch to explore the world’s broad landscape. Raised to satisfy his curiosity with people and cultures, he took every opportunity to experience other parts of the world. He spent 3 months in remote parts of Chile, sea-kayaking the Archipelago de los Chonos and backpacking across the Chilean Andes. Tim has lived in several cities across the western United States and spent three summers on Corral Hill Lookout Tower while working for the Nez Perce National Forest. He has lived in Seattle for the past 2 decades. He attended the University of Washington, where he studied archaeology under preeminent scholars, receiving his bachelor’s degree. Tim has been in cultural resources management for 10 years.

Judson Kratzer, RPA
Cultural Resources Project Manager

“Growing up in Pennsylvania farm country, I used to roam old stone rows for dump sites where one could find old bottles and canning jars. This sense of exploration and artifact collection led me to choose archaeology as a career. I have had many unique experiences as a result. I believe Stell provides my next opportunity to handle interesting and distinctive projects. Outside of Stell, I entertain a cat, share life with my wife, maintain a house and do yardwork and dabble in the fine arts.”

            Jud Kratzer has over 38 years of experience directing and co-directing archaeological surveys and cultural resource management projects. He has worked throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions conducting investigations on a wide variety of historic and prehistoric archaeological projects with an emphasis on landscape archaeology consultations for historic structure assessments. Before joining Stell, Jud held a term appointment in the National Park Service as Cultural Resource Program Manager. He has considerable experience in the organization, direction, and management of archaeological projects, familiarity with federal preservation legislation, and state guidelines for archaeological investigations. Jud has a master’s degree in public history, a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, and meets the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Archaeologist. Jud served as a member of the Georgia National Register Review Board and acquired extensive experience in public archaeology projects sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service. He was an invited participant for the National Park Service’s Historic Landscape Initiative “Teaching with Historic Places.”

Matthew Wetherbee, RPA
Senior Project Manager / Principal Investigator

“I’ve been working as an archaeologist for over 15 years, starting in Egypt wandering the desert and pyramids looking for mummies and other unique artifacts. After my adventures, I settled down and began a career in cultural resource management navigating clients through the environmental regulatory review process. By working on diverse projects with a variety of disciplines and team members, I have provided in-depth analysis and recommendations for complex resource and regulatory compliance issues regarding the protection of cultural resources and maintaining environmental compliance.”

Matthew (Matt) Wetherbee grew up in Orange County, California. He has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and received a master’s degree in the palaeoecology of human societies. Matt has more than 10 years of project management and conducts cultural resources surveys and significance evaluations, develops mitigation recommendations, and ensures work is completed according to state and federal heritage laws. Matt is also an accomplished zooarchaeologist and enjoys analyzing faunal remains from archaeological sites. When not working, Matt can be found playing music, riding his motorcycle, or on adventures with his family.