As societal dynamics around the world evolve, Stell recognizes the importance of not only being a beneficial contributor through our professional services but also acknowledging the positive impact our corporate actions can carry.

Here at Stell, our servicing priorities directly address some of society’s most challenging issues within the energy, infrastructure, and environmental industries. In other words, we cannot effectively do our job without considering the effects our work has on the world that we inhabit. That is why we take a serious stance at providing thoughtful and thorough professional services to our clients and are continually incorporating better business standards that help improve society.  With these efforts, our organization is able to meet its mission and commitment in “improving the quality of life for current and future generations.”

Stell professionals thoroughly understand DaVinci’s first law of ecology – “Realize that everything connects to everything else.”   This declaration summarizes our steadfast position and philosophy on corporate social responsibility. With everything we do, we are all responsible to each other and to our planet.

In an effort to lead by example, we have participated in and developed a series of programs that encourage others to live in balance with our environment. We hold ourselves accountable to such efforts by supporting initiatives in ecological education for high school and collegiate level students. We’ve earned environmental stewardship awards and consciously support habitat restoration and historical preservation campaigns. We also encourage and advocate for the development of more public access to our nation’s natural environments. In recent years, we have also assisted in building sustainable communities throughout the country and have contributed to poverty alleviation efforts in some of the nation’s most blighted communities.

There’s no doubt in our commitment to bettering the community and world that we all live in. Among others, we are proud to have supported and partnered with these organizations in recent years:

Twin Valley Food Pantry

Green Valleys Watershed Association

Hay Creek Valley Historical Association

Pennsylvania Parks & Forests Foundation

Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex

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